What Is REUNIONCare?

REUNIONCare helps busy families and friends work together to provide the best care for their loved ones. REUNIONCare is a consumer and family based care and information management platform that facilitates prompt sharing of the right information at the right time with all caregivers. REUNIONCare creates a "Circle of Care" of your choice while guiding you during the care and recovery journey. Family members will have peace of mind knowing their loved ones are safe and healthy at home. REUNIONCare is a family based care system for those who need you most.

What makes REUNIONCare different?

REUNIONCare is personalized. You choose who joins in on your journey. It enables your family and friends to work together as a team to carry out your goals. REUNIONCare is based on your values, goals and resources. You build your Circle of Care around the people you identify as the most important people in your life including: emergency contacts, power of attorney, caregiver, closest relative or friend and your trusted health care professional(s).

How do I sign up for REUNIONCare?

You can create a free REUNIONCare account following this link:  Register an Account .

How much does REUNIONCare cost?

The REUNOINCare application has a low monthly fee of $4.99/month for the Primary Member. Each Primary Member has the ability to have four (4) Invited Members join their “Circle of Care” for no additional charge. You enter the information yourself and use the handy tools to create engaging communication with your entire care team of family, friends, healthcare providers and community service providers.

How do I find out about REUNIONCare updates?

We update REUNIONCare with improvements and information. The updates appear when you login to your account automatically.

Will REUNIONCare notify family members in the event of an emergency or health crisis?

You can use the Alert My Circle feature to send out an automatic text message when you need help immediately. Your trusted Circle of Care then contacts you to offer assistance. Do no forget to call 911 for medical emergencies. Alert My Circle does not activate paramedic services.

The REUNIONCare Mobile App

What platforms does the mobile app work on?

REUNIONCare works on any web enabled device. Smart phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops and desktop computers all use internet services to connect with your REUNIONCare account.

Can I sign up from my smart phone?

Yes. You can sign up by visiting on your web enabled device. Will my provider use the information on my device? You have the option of sharing your information with your care providers as Circle of Care members.

How many people can I add to my Care Team?

As many as you need or want! Your account encourages you to identify and invite four people into your Circle of Care. We advise you to invite and identify Circle members in the following roles: Power of Attorney, Emergency Contact, Medical (Durable) Power of Attorney and primary health care team member. You Circle does not stop there, please invite all of you family and friends whether they live near or far, that you want to join in your health journey.

Who do I add to my address book?

The address book is a quick reference of all the community based services and care providers that you use but are not members of your Circle of care. They do no join your Circle. Your Address Book is a quick reference for you and your Circle to use when a need arises.

REUNIONCare Calendar

Can I add Appointments to my REUNIONCare calendar?

Yes you can! You can capture all of your appointments in one place.

How do I tell my Circle of Care about my appointments?

Your personalized home page has a “post a message” blue button. Click on that button to write a message to your Circle of Care. Your message is shared immediately with all the members of your Circle. Family & Caregivers I am caring for an elderly family member, how do I create their account. REUNIONCare enables you to pay for your family members account to get them started. Be sure to set them up as the primary member using their email address and password. Next, an invitation to join their Circle of Care must be sent from the Primary Member’s account. We automatically connect your invited member account to the Primary Member’s account. You will receive an email verification to link you to your family member. It’s quick and easy!

How do I remove myself from someone’s Circle of Care?

Removing yourself from a Circle of Care is one click. You will find a “People I Care For” box in the lower left column. Now located the name of the Primary Member you wish to discontinue then click on remove.

Security & Privacy

How do I know my information is kept private?

We built REUNIONCare to meet the standards required by the Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communication Commission. Your REUNIONCare account is monitored daily for hacking and other security intrusions. Everything we do observes the strictest of privacy and security rules.

Who can see my information?

Your personally selected Circle of Care are the only people who can see your information. You decide who gets access to your information.

Do you sell my information to anyone?

We do not sell your information. In the future, you will have the option to provide your data anonymously that could be shared with research groups. But that will require your explicit permission.

The Company

Do you have a medical team on staff?

Our team has centuries of combined healthcare technology experience. Our founder, Monica Stynchula, has Masters degrees in both Social Work and Public Health, is an ONC certified Electronic Health Record Implementation Specialist, AHIMIA certified Health Information Technology Professional and HIMSS Certified Professional in Health Information Management. Ozzie Ahmed, MD, Dr. PH our Chief Medical Officer has an extensive career in healthcare, having served as the CMO for numerous healthcare organizations, is a NCQA Physician Surveyor as and also serves as an Advisory member on the Senate Long Term Services and Support Committee. How can I spread the word about REUNIONCare? We’re all about making connections! Share your experience with your social networks, and go to Settings on your device—there’s a place to tell your social networks about REUNIONCare.

How does REUNIONCare make a difference in our community?

REUNIONCare is participating in the 2015 White House Conference on Aging and AARP initiatives to support family caregivers. We are actively involved in current and upcoming healthcare initiatives. Check out our blog at and our Twitter @reunioncare, LinkedIn company profile and reunioncare facebook pages periodically to see what we’re up to!